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I was using Netflix on my brothers Xbox discovered his very interesting friends. Xbox Live names are weird.

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I’ve decided that all the little pubescent 12 year olds my brother calls are friends are the swagiest people ever.

Photo 18 Apr Found this on a table…… #foreveralone

Found this on a table…… #foreveralone

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New York City Evening | Mark E Tisdale
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dear lord jesus let 2014 be the year i bump into my fav band member in a small coffee shop and hit it off completely and live happily ever after

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Things to be found in John Green books.

I always loved how in his books you could go from something really profound to something like “hump the moist cave wall” so I made a side-by-side of some of my favourites.

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sorry i only date pokemon masters

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Good Vibes HERE
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What I’m really terrified of is leading an average, ordinary life with a regular job and an invariable routine, planned holidays, an average household, fixed responsibilities and not doing anything different to be remembered by.

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